Localized Delphi 2005 Update 2 and Update 3 have signed off

I just got this email message from Chris Pattinson and I know there are many Delphi customers who will be
interested in this information and so I asked Chris permission to post it here:

“It is my pleasure to announce the international team has completed work on
D2005 Update 2 and Update 3. Integration, R&D, QA, and our localization
offices pulled together to sign off over 20 SKU’s 17 days ahead of schedule,
including updating Japanese Trial to Update 2, and German and French to Update

Full steam ahead to Dexter! Except for Leo who will enjoy a very well
deserved vacation to the Philippines for almost a month.

Thanks to everyone for outstanding teamwork, this was an amazing
accomplishment especially given all the distractions in the past couple months!

Best regards,
Chris Pattinson
International Manager, Windows Projects”