Lesson from my three year old, “I’m great”

Nearly every morning I wake to my three year olds faint call of “Daddy, Daddy…” and make my way to his room where he always asks “Will you lay down with me?”. I lay down and ask “How are you bud?” to which he always responds “I’m great”.

Personally, I’ve always responded to this question with “I’m good” or “pretty good” but I don’t do that anymore. So, it took a few months but, my son finally managed to teach me that I’m not just “good” or “pretty good” but that I too am doing “great”. This might seem trite but I’m beginning to think responding to people this way actually affects their reaction. I’m willing to concede it may solely be my outlook that’s changed but I see people smile and engage more when they recognize that I’m apparently doing well. I notice this particularly during brief encounters such as at a coffee shop or airline ticket counter (I’m seeing those a lot lately). I’ll see more eye contact, a longer smile or a more engaged response. Admittedly, the difference is subtle but I believe it’s there, perhaps people are more inclined to engage someone who outwardly appears to be doing really well opposed to just “good”.

Anyway, kids are awesome. Thanks Colby! And in case you’re wondering I’ve actually talked to him about this and now he always asks me how I’m doing.

4 thoughts on “Lesson from my three year old, “I’m great”

  1. Thanks Steve! What a great post. I love it when we learn things from our kids. This was especially important it looks like.

  2. Kids are the best teachers at all. I’ve learned (not from a kid) to reply ‘marvelous’ with a big smile. It works as well. Go on with you’re great blog.

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