iTunes 7 performance is abysmal

iTunes idlingOver the holiday break I was trying to use iTunes to download and listen to a few podcasts and the performance on my Dell 530 dual Xeon 1.4GHz machine is just awful. To the right is a screenshot of Process Explorer specifically for the iTunes.exe process while sitting idle on my machine for over two and a half minutes. There are no downloads in progress and no other processes taking any CPU.

What’s it doing? Every few seconds the CPU spikes to 47% and the mouse flickers like crazy when I hover over it. In fact, the mouse flickers even when iTunes doesn’t have focus and only stops if I minimize it.

I really like the iPod device but iTunes, at least on the PC, has become a serious pain.

  • There is no automatic update for iTunes so it constantly prompting me to visit the Apple web site and download the latest version.
  • It never remembers my QuickTime setting where I turn off the tray icon
  • The download is 33MB just to go from 7.0 to 7.02

What’s your experience like?

7 thoughts on “iTunes 7 performance is abysmal

  1. Actually… on my Zune it’s pretty nice 🙂 Seriously though I wonder if it’s a function of your library size. I notice when I first start my Zune software it runs at about 50% for about a minute or two and I think it’s rescanning my entire library looking for new items, and that’s over 100GB of music.
    That was one of the reasons I went with Zune over iPod, while I love the iPod design I know that the software will always play second fiddle to the Mac version.
    Lastly, if you’re just managing tunes on your iPod you can use WinAmp, as it supports direct iPod playback and managment as well as syncing I believe. Some of my iPod friends use that instead and find the performance better.

  2. Hi Shawn,
    Thanks for the info. My music library is quite small as I listen mostly to Yahoo’s LAUNCHcast service so I don’t think that’s it as I mostly use my iPod for podcasts. The Winamp piece is nice to know though so thanks!

  3. I’d gave it a deeper look using SysInternals tools – just to try to understand what is really doing.

  4. I don’t know if there’s an automatic update for iTunes, but the automatic update for QuickTime (Apple Software Update — start QuickTime player, Edit->Preferences->QuickTime Preferences, Update tab) keeps trying to download the latest iTunes even though I don’t have the program installed and even though it fails to find the latest QuickTime security fix, which Apple has rationally chosen to only make available via MySpace:
    Second try at posting this comment; let’s see if this time works….

  5. Strange. I don’t appear to be getting the same performance issues, although I have already upgraded to 7.0.2

  6. Hi Rossen,
    Sweet! Thanks for the links. I use iTunes so little (just for a few podcasts) that I simply don’t have the time nor desire to investigate it’s myriad of problems.
    Thanks for the link! I too have this "ick" feeling each time I have to download and install QuickTime. Sorry about the comment problem, I’ve been racking my brain to figure out what’s going on. I’ve recently posted several comments on another dasBlog server and had similar problems so I don’t think it’s just me.

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