Is it cool when top bloggers have to explain why it's cool?

If you’ve taken a peek at Microsoft Live Mesh would you leave a comment here and tell me what the big deal is? And what the hell is Steve Gilmor talking about? Seriously, read that article if you can get through it. I get the feeling that top bloggers like Gilmore and Scoble use all this social networking buzz like a proverbial hacky sack devised to simply keep a conversation afloat. Scoble even goes so far as say

Microsoft’s fans are delivered to the promised land.
  – Robert Scoble (link)

Where exactly is this promised land? Seriously, that’s out of touch given Mesh’s beta status, numerous missing features and a nebulous definition. Heck, I’m an MS fan and I just don’t get it. I’ve yet to come across a clear description of what Mesh really is or will be? My initial experience completely sucked. The other night I sat down for dinner with Barry Kelly and Adam Markowitz (Adam, you’ve been linked to so get that blog up!) and neither had a good understanding of Mesh and these are bright guys!

I’m actually glad or perhaps even relieved it confounds Joel as well. For now, I’ll take that as a good sign.

Anyway, .NET started out pretty nebulous and poorly defined but the end result has proven extremely satisfying so there is hope. I wonder if Microsoft felt compelled to release something in these days of exploding social networks simply to remain relevant and in the conversation which, in this case, somehow seems to have worked. IMO it seems Mesh was released so customers could try to help Microsoft to figure out exactly what to do with this technology as a number of pieces seems like a rehash of existing services.

Now, had Microsoft announced a Windows based, Amazon-like, elastic compute cloud that would have been really interesting.

2 thoughts on “Is it cool when top bloggers have to explain why it's cool?

  1. Having not even used it but only watched the little Mesh videos I come away with Mesh being FolderShare for the consumer masses that actually has an API and supports a greater interaction story between users.
    I love FolderShare but it has some serious limitations, such as no API, no ability to use it with a mobile device, no way to communicate inside your public folders and lacking a fully consumer-friendly UI, all of which Mesh seems to be attempting to fill. I’ve run up against all these issues lately in FolderShare and can definitly see the need for something like Mesh. Being able to add notes to files you’ve dropped in a public space would be super helpful for a project I’m working on and I know my wife would kill for a solid way to access files on her laptop from her mobile in a unified way. Also after helping a friend setup FolderShare I can see that it still needs some work for the less techy which again is where Mesh steps in.
    Now, being a developer the real gold would be the API. I’m itching to see just how much you can do with the API and just who will take advantage of it. My pie-in-the-sky hope is that Microsoft will plug the XBox\Zune Marketplace into Mesh so any content purchased via either one gets syncronized with the other, which is a huge missing feature right now. Another hope would be services like Amazon’s MP3 & movie download service offering a plug-in for Mesh so items go directly into your Mesh cloud vs. a direct to PC download, thus making it easier to make sure you always have access to your media.
    In a way Mesh seems to want to bring a lot of the stories we’re used to as business users; network drives, shared storage, VPN, remote desktop, Exchange contact syncing, to the consumer masses in a cleaner, unified way, even more accessable way. Much like how WHS brings the server into the home, a lot of business or power users sorta go ‘meh’ but I think WHS is one of the most important bits of tech kit to come out last year and anyone with more than two computers in househould should buy one, now.
    I think you can also attribute this to Microsoft trying to add a little Apple-esque RDF hype to Mesh, remember how people wet themselves over silly things like OS X Spaces or Time Capsule? Completely minor features yet they were launched like they were The Missing Feature to make the best OS of all time. Problem is most Microsoft followers don’t drink the koolaid as deeply as the average Jobionan so most of us are like, "Whhaaa?"

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