iPod Touch home screen now on my Motorola Droid

I’ve mostly duplicated the functionality found on the home screen of my iPod Touch on the Motorola Droid though I think it’s fairly evident in the screenshots that, out-of-the-box, Android rather lacks the polish of Apple’s OS. I don’t really find that to be a big deal because one of the things I like about Google is their iterative approach to development and I expect things will incrementally improve at a much faster rate then the iPhone though time will tell. Btw, the images below approximate the actual screen sizes on my 17” Macbook Pro monitor at 1900×1200.



There are a few things about Android icons I don’t quite get:

  • The spacing is too large with too much whitespace
  • The icons are too small
  • They don’t appear to support dynamic content like the Calendar on the iPhone or icon overlays like on the iPhone’s mail application (refer to the email, Byline and Facebook apps on the Touch)
  • The phone defaults to only three screens of icons and the center screen is the “home” screen

I understand there are themes for Android but IMO it seems that some of these things should be the default not where you have to find and install a theme to improve usability.

[Updated: Jan 14, 2010] Nexus One, iPhone and Droid: Which Is Brightest? Long story short, Droid won. 🙂

3 thoughts on “iPod Touch home screen now on my Motorola Droid

  1. Dynamic content? Simple!
    Long press on the home screen, release, and select widgets, then choose Calendar.
    You can download more apps from the Android market that supports dynamic content :o)

  2. Hi Chee Wee!
    That’s not it. I want the icons to display overlays of information like unread counts etc. I don’t want to have to replace every icon with a widget. I’m finding widgets are generally too big for my personal preference.

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