Interesting take on the Linux "situation"

While browsing through my bloglines today I
happened upon what Who needs an
enemy when you can divide and conquer yourself?
I think the described
scenario is highly plausible if it hasn’t already happened.

While you’re there also take a look at this
by the same author. I really like the way Marcus thinks. I’ve been
burning CD after CD (haven’t moved to DVD yet, yeah I know you can’t say
anything to me that Mark Edington hasn’t already said regarding this issue) of
digital photos for archival purposes all the time wondering whether or not my
daughter who is now 16 months will be able to find a machine that will read them
when she reaches my current age? Will that machine even have a drive of some
sort? Perhaps I should buy a bunch of today’s hardware and put it in safe
storage so she can start a business 30 years from now reading all these
“ancient” CD’s.

Seriously, take a look at Marcus’ website he’s got some great material. I
love this sentence “Thus, a company increases its density of morons, by losing
non-morons and creating an environment where only morons will be happy to work.”
which is from this