Improving the Facebook Python SDK GraphAPI.request method

While working on Facebook functionality using Python I ran into a few cases where the GraphAPI.request method caused Facebook to choke on parameters with a value of None. Thus here’s a simple override to allow for None parameters which subsequently get stripped out.

def request(self, path, args=None, post_args=None):
    ''' Improves handling for post_args where any arg with a None value gets removed to avoid FB API errors.
        Allows for methods that accept all possible Facebook parameters and only passes those that are specified.
    if post_args:
        d = {}
        for a in post_args:
            if post_args[a] != None:
                d.setdefault(a, post_args[a])
        post_args = d
    return GraphAPI.request(self, path, args, post_args)

I’ve created a descendant class I call GraphAPIEx where this above method appears.