IIS or ADSI do not appear to be properly installed

The title of this post is an error message that can occur if you are using Delphi 8.0 and trying to
create an ASP.NET
application using IIS as the target server.  I wrote this error message and for
that I apologize, as it’s a terrible message.  The error typically occurs when
the IDE is unable to utilize ASDI (an IIS API) to create a virtual directory for
the new application.

In Delphi 2005 I’ve tried to improve this message which now reads as

“Creation of a virtual directory “yourvirtdir” on the local IIS Web
server failed. The Web server may not be installed, not running or
misconfigured. Without the virtual directory you will be unable to run this
application however, you can manually create the virtual directory using the IIS
administration tools at a later time. Would you like to create the application

So, if you are using Delphi 8.0 and you encounter this error please
substitute the above text in it’s place.