HTML Source Code Syntax Highlighter

Over the past few months I’ve been slowly building the web infrastrusture I want for blogging. One of the necessary pieces for any developer is a source code to HTML syntax highlighter. Of course, I could use one of the many already available online but that’s no fun when it’s easy enough to build your own using the Actipro‘s freeware CodeHighlighter.

To that end, here is my online source code highlighter. Feel free to use it for your own highlighting needs. None of the code processed is archived, stored or otherwise consumed by anything other than the aforementioned formatting control.

9 thoughts on “HTML Source Code Syntax Highlighter

  1. One additional thing to mention is that you’ll need to get the outlining images (if used) and also adjust the paths if they’re not that same as yours.

  2. Steve, the Delphi Corner forum has had one for years and I just recently sent Chris Bray an updated version that uses TSynEdit’s
    highlighter module and your Delphi installations color scheme.
    Send me an email and I’ll forward a copy to you.

  3. Hi Eddie,
    Thanks for the info. I too have used TSynEdit for a tray utility I use for syntax highlighting. The online version is nice because I can use it without any client software other than the browser.

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