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As I was browsing through blogs I read frequently it occurred to me that it might be a good idea to provide some details as to how to subscribe to my blog and mention a few of the things I’ve done to make it easier to keep up to date. There are basically three ways:

  1. Visit the site on a regular basis
  2. Subscribe via email and get updates sent to your inbox (see this FAQ for details)
  3. Subscribe to my RSS feed using your favorite aggregator (my current favorite is Google Reader)

I’d probably recommend option 3 and selecting one of the many RSS aggregators available either as a client or online application. As I mentioned above I currently use bloglines though I’ve played with the updated version of Google Reader and it seems vastly improved over it’s original release which I felt was unusable.

I setup the last two items using FeedBurner which is a site that provides some seriously cool features for people looking to distribute content via RSS. So, if you have a blog I highly recommend checking them out. Not only will you get some cool RSS features you’ll also get stats and much more. For example, the small gylph listing the number of subscribers I have under the Archive section in the lefthand column is provided by FeedBurner.

Update: I forgot to mention, if for example, you’d rather see only posts in the “Delphi” category you can subscribe to the category specific RSS feeds from the lefthand column under “Category Feeds”.

Update #2: With the release of FireFox 2.0 and IE7 all you need to do to subscribe to an RSS feed is to click on the little orange feed icon RSS Feed

Update #3: When you click on my “Subcribe” link you’re taken to what looks like a regular web page however that page IS my RSS feed it’s just styled with an XSL stylesheet so it isn’t just raw XML. So, just use the URL from my subscribe link in your feed reader.

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