How to handle Facebook friend requests?

photo_25250_20101224[1]If you use Facebook I’d guess you too probably have a backlog of friend requests. Having been on Facebook for several years and with 180 friends I’ve reached a point where I struggle to justify letting more people into my status stream. At 180 I already find myself looking back through older updates to find interesting things.

Most of my pending requests have been out-of-the-blue, old high school friends/acquaintances or people whom I’ve met online but never in person and the occasional complete stranger. In some instances I’ve probably been mistaken for one of my brother’s.

The whole notion of a “friend request” implies having to pass judgment on the relationship you have with the requestee which can feel awkward at times even though that awkwardness isn’t really shared. What’s the proper “etiquette” when you’ve been mistaken for a sibling especially for distance relationships?

I’ve noticed my wife and I both let requests we can’t decided immediately on sit in the queue for months at a time with no clear resolution in sight. I haven’t looked but I wonder if there is a way to simply turn off friend requests or perhaps better yet inform the requestee they should contact you directly first?

Personally, I prefer my Facebook social graph be more personal nature and less work/professional using LinkedIn for the latter.

Do you have the same problem? How do you handle friend requests?

[UPDATE] Interesting related article.

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1 thought on “How to handle Facebook friend requests?

  1. I immediately choose one of three:
    1- I know this person and want to keep updated of the things they are doing: add
    2- I have no idea who this is: kill the request
    3- I have a vague idea who this person might be: ask them how we know each other. A reply to that usually leads to choice #1
    This keeps my ‘pending’ list very small.

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