How to display more than 10 RSS entries on the Delphi 2005 Welcome page

By default the Javascript code that processes the RSS feeds on the Welcome page limit the number of entries displayed to ten.  Ten was simply a nice round number and is, unfortunately, a hardcoded value.  However, since the Javascript source code is readily available from the Welcome page directory of your Delphi 2005 installation you can easily change this number to whatever value you want.  To do that simply follow these steps:

  1. From Windows Explorer locate the Welcome page folder under your Delphi 2005 installaction folder.
  2. Select the Welcome page folder and then select the sub-folder called “js“
  3. Open the file called rss.js using the IDE (thus getting syntax highlighting) and search for “limit to 10“ and you should see the following:
// limit to 10 entries displayed on welcome page
if (maxItems > 10)

Simply change “10” (in the code portion of course 🙂 to the number of items you’d like to be able to see.