How to change the items in the Headline combobox on Delphi Welcome page

If you would like to change the list of RSS feeds available from
the Headlines downdown on the Welcome page all you need to do is edit an XML
file. Here’s what to do:

  1. From Windows Explorer locate the Welcome page folder under your Delphi 2005 installaction folder.
  2. Select the Welcome page folder and then select the sub-folder called “xml“
  3. Edit the file called defaultProviders.xml

I think the above XML is pretty straightforward but if you have any problems
figuring out how to correctly modify the file please post a comment and I will
be sure to clear things up.

[UPDATED Dec 17, 2004] I forgot to mention that the headlines
on the Welcome page are standard RSS feeds so it’s easy to
add your favorites feeds to the list.