How a Windows BSOD almost cost me $20 yesterday

This week my family will travel to Charlotte, North Carolina to visit with my brother and his family. My wife and I have two small children our daughter just turned 3 and our son 1 1/2 and this will be our second trip aboard an airplane, the first having been a few weeks ago to Southern California and lasting only an hour. Since this flight is considerably longer we decided a portable DVD player might be the way to go. We’re frequent Costco (think big warehouse store) shoppers so I browsed to the Costco web site, found the Philips 7″ TFT LCD Portable DVD Player and read some great reviews about it on Amazon. Perfect. We hop in the car and as our luck would have it our local Costco doesn’t carry that model so off to Circuit City.

Once at CC, leaving wife and kids sitting in the car, I ran in, quickly located the portable DVD players and found that while they carried the Philips there weren’t any on the shelf. I headed to the cashier and asked her to check the stock. With me peering over her shoulder I saw first looked up the product model number on the then checked the in-store stock from another system. They had two left and I said “I’ll take one” and she proceeded to ring it up, but the price came out $20 higher than what was listed online?? I asked her if I could get the web price and she said I could if I ordered it through the web. She then told me I could try to order it from of the broadband kiosks “if they’re working”. Scratching my head I’m thinking “who dreams up this stuff?” Anyway, I run over to the kiosk and find the machine locked up with a Windows $g(BSOD). Great. Ctrl-Alt-Del. Nothing. So, I head over to the computer department, ask about net access and I’m pointed towards the demo laptops. The first four didn’t have any connectivity but the fifth one worked and I placed an in-store order for in-store pickup and no I’m not kidding. I then walk back to the cash register hand them my order number having saved $20 in the process.

Anyway, I’ll let you know how well it worked later next week.

A funny aside, on our first plane trip to Southern California my daughter was really tired one day and said “Daddy, I want to go home” and I said “But we’d have to get packed up and back on the plane”. She replied, in a very matter of fact tone, “No Daddy, we’ve already been on the plane.”