Honda dealer's screaming deal vs a broker's take it or leave it price

This past weekend I did a bit more shopping for a mini-van and ended up at a Honda dealer in Chico. The first salesman who came out to greet us really turned me off particularly after I asked him what the advantage of going through the dealer was vs. using a broker. When he mentioned “warranty issues” my father-in-law chimed in and needless to say the salesman had the where-with-all to pass us off to another “member of the team” who proceeded to become fast friends with the two of us. I didn’t beat around the bush and when I told him exactly what I wanted he asked me it I’d buy it if he gave me a “screaming deal”? I replied “show me the number” so he ran off and printed a piece of paper with the “screaming deal” and slid it across the desk. I looked at it, told him I wanted to run it by my wife and stood up to walk out when he replied that I couldn’t take the paper because the dealer was “regulated by the DMV” and it was against the law for me to take it although he wrote the final number on his business card and handed that to me. I wonder what he’d have done had I whipped out my cell phone and snapped a photo?

At any rate, my wife had already contacted a local broker who quoted her a price $750 below the Chico dealer. Of course, now I know why he called it a “screaming deal”. I’m beginning to think I should blog this whole car buying experience including quoted prices and all. Man, I hate car shopping.

4 thoughts on “Honda dealer's screaming deal vs a broker's take it or leave it price

  1. Last car I bought was a Honda for my wife and I first decided exactly what model, equipment and color I wanted and printed out the quote from an online broker. Then went to my local dealer and asked if he had this exact same car in stock and he said yes and gave me his best price whereupon I asked if he cared to match the broker’s price. The sales manager grumbled when I told him if he didn’t want to match prices I would go home and order thru the broker who was committed to arrange the delivery through the closest local dealer thus likely he would end up selling me the car at that same price less the brokers commission.
    Total transaction took less than 10 minutes and I returned with a certified bank check a little later and signed the deal. The sales people never did understand why I had no interest in even looking at the car much less going for a test drive until they realized it was for my wife who was more interested in it’s color than anything else.

  2. When we went car shopping earlier in the year we ended up at Anderson Honda in Palo Alto for the second time but we eneded up going with Sam Linder Cadillac Honda because they had a lower price. Whatever you do don’t got Sam Linder Cadillac Honda. They put an alarm on every car, try to sell it to you, then when you don’t want it they rip it out. The last thing I want is someone messing with the electrical in my car. The Local Santa Cruz dealership is okay, but you should check out Anderson Honda if you haven’t already.

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