Growth of a Facebook Application

image I’ve written what I consider to be sort of a Seinfeld of Facebook applications, an app about “nothing”. I’m talking about my Facebook Starter Kit application which you can add to your Facebook account here. The application, pictured to the right, has a total of three pages:

  1. Main page (pictured) which lists all your friends with their photo and a link to their profile page
  2. An XFBML page that illustrates usage of XFBML via JavaScript on an IFrame canvas page
  3. An FQL query page that allows you to test FQL queries with a list of your friends Facebook ID’s as well as your ID for convenience

And that’s it.

By the Numbers

What I’ve found fairly interesting is watching the apps statistics, provided by Facebook, which are quite extensive. Here are some basic stats from from January 28th:

Facebook app usage Jan 28th, 2009

And two weeks later:

Meaning my “app about nothing” attracted roughly 10 new users a day over the past two weeks. Here is a chart of active users over the past few months:


The inflection point is Dec 24th 2009 which is interesting because I’ve read Facebook had a very big Christmas with regard to traffic. I’ve done little to actually “market” this application other than blog about the Starter Kit and post a link to my wiki article.

Anyway, I thought this mildly interesting and it will be fun to watch where the stats go from here. I noticed today that the FDT now has +17K downloads and I know that no where near that number of people are using my Starter Kit so there is “room for growth”. 🙂

Anyone else have interesting FB app stats to share?

3 thoughts on “Growth of a Facebook Application

  1. Speaking of which… how about a VB version? I know its the little brother of C# but throw us a bone here… its bad enough we have to go through the samples and get them working in VB, would be useful having that foundation you have here in C#

  2. am currently new to the Facebook Developer Kit and I saw your blog and guide to your starter kit… all I can say is it rocks !!! thanks for the application at least i can now do some stuffs easily in facebook…. was using VS.NET 2.0 and FDK 1.7 before but had a hard time with facebook APIs so I switched to FDK 2.0 and saw your starter kit. … thanks again 🙂

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