GPS, maps and navigation with the Motorola KRZR K1m

Recently, I purchased a $g(Motorola KRZR K1m) from $l(Verizon Wireless) which has a tremendous array of features including GPS. Since I just got the phone I haven’t had time to play with most of the new stuff though recently while on a trip to L.A., I was riding in a taxi from LAX to my destination and decided to fool around with it. On the menu under “Get it now” I selected “Tools on the go” then chose “Get New App” and was presented with several choices. I’d read a little bit about VZ Navigator and so I selected it and which point, a software download started. After about a minute the download was complete and a demo version of the navigator installed.

After installation I selected “Where am I?” and a few seconds of satelite synchronization the phone displayed a map of where we were. Next, I keyed in our destination and the phone switched over to a fully narrated navigation system with nice large display fonts and bright arrows indicating upcoming turns. “Turn left in 0.3 miles…”.

All in all, it’s safe to say that this far exceeded my expectations.