Google's Picasa could use Riya's facial recognition

I’m a big fan of Google’s photo organizer application Picasa but there is one improvement that I’d really like to see and that’s facial recognition like what Riya has. Riya is photo website that has facial recognition features that actually work incredibly well, at least for the number of pictures I uploaded. I was actually surprised at how well it did in some cases and it left me wanting this feature in Picasa. I know Picasa is free and the likelihood of this happening is probably very low but it’s that time of year and who knows I’d love to see it happen. This past year I averaged about ~360 photos a month, most of them of my two children and their mother although we’ve been to numerous one, two and three year old birthday parties and this feature could come in really handy. With all of Google’s PHD’s I’d guess at least a few of them have at least dabbled in facial recognition.

Btw, Riya it seems is chasing after the “looks like” market more than the photo market with