Google’s Android web browser versus Safari on iPhone

I’ve been using the web browser on Android for a few weeks now and while I still really like the Droid there are a number of things the browser doesn’t do as well as the iPhone. I thought I’d start a list and as I find things I’ll add onto it.

  • The double tap zoom is missing and the –/+ buttons are inconvenient
  • Text doesn’t zoom when tilting the device to landscape
  • Does not allow for modifying/updating a previous search request
  • Pinch zoom is not enabled even though the droid does support multi-touch
  • In some cases setting focus to a textbox on the page fails to zoom the control so you end up typing using about a 4pt font, not very easy
  • The keyboard doesn’t appear automatically and requires you to tap the focused edit box (not true for my wife’s HTC Eris based on Android v1.5