Google voice it’s good for laughs too

Here’s the translated version of a message my wife just left me on $g(Google Voice):

Hey it’s Christy and I was just calling to let you know that I got your message about the crap that’s great you sent us on regular tax, so that charge me $0.20 read that email and sent undoable voice stuff and I’m trying to keep costs down, and I was just at the mall and if you agree and I found. It’s Hughes. I’m going to get policeman boot concert just falling apart. 7. Excuse me one for called me and I have some pro, Bryce wake up them, they didn’t have them for like, say, but I’ve got happened to close and she’s got a bootleg mommy anyway. So anyway, I just wanna let you know. And it and hey, you’re looking forward to tonight if we can’t on screen gonna hit the mother just trying to run who will class who can run home and and I didn’t happen and bye.

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