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I use Google Desktop and have tried GTalk (a few times) so I’ve downloaded my share of Google software. Recently, I was added a Windows scheduled task and found the list of Google Scheduled tasks on my machine rather alarming. Google’s software had added tasks to my machine requesting updates at nearly every interval you could possibly imagine:

  • when the machine booted
  • when it goes idle
  • in the morning
  • in the evening

…and pretty much everything in between with many of these tasks repeated on the hour every hour all day. Basically, whenever my machine transitioned the Google Updater was getting called. Hmm, where’s the “Don’t be evil” in that? I’ve disabled (using $g(autoruns)) all but one of these but btw, I’m not the only one who has noticed this and now I have to see if the updater is running continuously. Here is an overview of the scheduled task logic which I need to find some time to review and see whether or not the changes I’ve made were incorrect.

3 thoughts on “Google Scheduled Tasks

  1. I use "autoruns" from SysInternals to determine what’s automatically being run, and it includes scheduled tasks in its search, so I’ve been aware of this for some time. I regularly run autoruns after I install or upgrade software or drivers, to determine what’s been added or changed. Other regular culprits include Apple, Sun and Adobe. A scheduled task is generally better than an always-running process, though.
    On the other hand, I use hardly any of Google’s desktop software, so I generally don’t run their updater. At best, I do (Spanner) | About | Update in Chrome (did I mention I miss menus? Can we have menus back please?).

  2. Hey Bary,
    Thanks for the comment. Yes, I too use autoruns though I hadn’t looked at in awhile. 🙂 It is nice that Google has gone the route of tasks rather than having something running 24/7. I just installed an HP printer driver which took nearly 30 minutes and left me with an unwanted BHO, the Yahoo IE toolbar, four desktop icons and numerous other "goodies". Had I known I probably would have installed it on a VM instead. It was probably the most "offensive" install I’ve ever run in terms of invading my system with junk I didn’t want just to use a printer.
    Btw, I’m with you on the menus thing, what’s up with that?

  3. I decided not to install the latest Google Earth when I discovered it was going to install another damned updater. It’s not a critical application, it can check for updates when I run it…!

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