Google Developer Day 2007 sessions I attended

Here is the list of the sessions I attended while at Google Developer Day 2007. I had a difficult time picking between sessions as I wanted to attend far more than I could in a single day. The videos leave me wondering if Google will make available the slide desks and/or provide higher resolution streams so you have some chance of actually reading the material. The stars are mine where 4 stars is the highest.

   Opening Keynote  Pretty good as these go with a brief $g(Sergey Brinn) standup routine.

  1.  Intro to Google Data APIs: Mashing up Google Calendar, Spreadsheets and More
    Too basic and I need to check out the advanced session.
  2.  Special Session: Building Better AJAX Applications: Nuts & Bolts… and Gears
    I thought the first half with $g(Dojo) presenter was very good, second half by Google employee examined far too much code for a large screen conference audience and it jumped all over.
  3.  The Google AJAX APIs
    I really like this set of API’s particularly the feed API and enjoyed this presenter.
  4.  Fast, Beautiful, Easy: Pick Three – Building User Interfaces with Google Web Toolkit
    Good coverage of a bunch of GWT stuff.
  5.  Google Desktop Gadgets – Access, Share and Personalize Information
    Too basic for my tastes and I wish a more complex example(s) were covered. Also a little too much selling on gadgets.

There are additional sessions I’ll be tuning into over the coming days though I’d like to see a session on some of Google’s statistical analysis of how people surf. Several presenters mentioned various statistical tidbits and I’d enjoy hearing more specifically about that research.

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  1. The Google API’s are fantastic. We we’re not able to send a representative down, as we are very busy around the office right now, but it would have been very useful. Thanks for the heads up in regards to the intro API session. We will know for the future that this is not necessary.
    Happy Google-ing !
    – Calgoo

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