Getting Started in Scotts Valley Schools

The Who

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My name is Steve Trefethen, I’m the father of three with my oldest currently a Kindergartener at Vine Hill Elementary here in Scotts Valley. I’ve been a resident of Santa Cruz county since 1992 and of Scotts Valley since 1999. I live in the Skypark neighborhood which means our kids by default attend Vine Hill, one of two Elementary schools in town. I’m a software developer and consultant working for a company headquartered in Capitola.

The What

I’ve started this blog as a place to post thoughts and information on the issues facing the Scotts Valley Unified School District in light of the fiscal crisis the State of California is faced with which is and will continue to impact Public schools for many years to come.

The Why?

One of my main goals for starting this blog is communication. I’ve attended a few different meetings now and with each it seems more communication is needed particularly amongst parents.

Feel free to comment and if you’re interested in discussing ideas or the issues please contact me.