For me Google Reader just gained some serious competition in feedly

If you haven’t checked out feedly and you’re a blog/RSS reader you definitely should. It’s a Firefox 3.0 plugin that has some really cool features and turns your feeds into a magazine style web page.

[Updated: June 24, 2008] I should mention that this is really functioning as an alternative UI for Google Reader rather than a replacement since it updates Google Reader as I’m reading items.

 feedly Firefox plugin

6 thoughts on “For me Google Reader just gained some serious competition in feedly

  1. Hey Craig,
    If you’re already logged into Google Reader, Bloglines, Flickr, FriendFeed etc. feedly will automatically pick up your feeds at least it did for me. If not, there is a small plus(+) symbol on the right hand end of the toolbar if you click it you’ll get a dropdown window that has a place for OPML file entry.

  2. The basic problem with this approach is that it requires FF and an add-on. I want to read my feeds on other peoples computers, on my phone etc. Because of that Google Reader still wins. I suspect that the majority of hardcore RSS users have similar requirements.

  3. Seems quite nice.
    David, it is essentially a front end for Google reader so you can still use the google tools in locations where feedly isn’t available.

  4. Malcolm,
    Thanks for letting me know that. What a tremendous idea. Once you’ve entered the cloud there’s just no going back!

  5. feedly isn’t bad for a web-based reader but it’s still going to take quite a bit of magic for any online reader to pry the love that is FeedDemon from my tight grip. I fell in love with FeedDemon all over again the other day at an airport that didn’t have wifi. No problem reading all my feeds though because of it’s awesome offline support.

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