Follow me, follow you

If you subscribe to my blog and you too write a technical blog I’d like to know so I can return the favor. Please leave a comment on this post and set the Home Page URL edit box of the comment so I can find your blog and the $g(Google juice) can’t hurt!

Btw, I have a link blog in case you’re interested.


[UPDATE: Nov 26, 2008] If you’re interested in a peek at the content of the blogs posted in the comments here I’ve setup a page on my wiki to give you a snapshot of each blog.

7 thoughts on “Follow me, follow you

  1. Hi Steve, I’ve also been following you since your Borland days. I’m a Delphi’er by nature but I love your recent postings about the Facebook starter kit and CruiseControl.NET!

  2. been following for quite some time, I don’t update my blog as often as I would like, but I do have some stuff there that has been useful at least for me

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