Find&Save iPhone Application Gets a Facelift

My team at Wanderful Media has been hard at work on our latest update to our Find&Save iPhone application which we recently pushed to the AppStore and is now available for download. FindnSave iPhone AppWe took a fresh approach to the app’s design focusing on improving user engagement and making finding local sales quick and easy.

We’ve added a lot of features in this release with some of the highlights including:

  • Visual design with larger pictures
  • Local Store-wide offer content a.k.a Featured
  • Removed the requirement for Location Services (approx. 10% of users denied this)
  • Easy sharing of offers
  • Seasonal/Holiday a.k.a. Now! content
  • Image zoom on offer detail pages
  • Geo-notifications for sales around shopping malls
  • Offer browse history
  • Buy Now links on 1000’s of offers

One factor in our redesign was reducing the need for the Hamburger/slide menu and adding a tab bar for faster access to various slices of content. Within days of making these changes it was interesting to read some supporting evidence from an article published on the The Next Web UX designers: Side drawer navigation could be costing you half your user engagement saying:

On the other hand, if your app has multiple views that users will engage with somewhat equally, then side navigation could be costing you a great deal of your potential user engagement, and interaction with those part of the app accessed via the side menu.

As you can see in the screenshot we’ve not completely done away with the Hamburger yet but we’re continuing to focus on quick access to our core content. Even in just the few days this version (v1.5) has been in the AppStore we’ve started to see positive numbers on engagement. We’ve also applied changes to how we approach users for push notifications drawing some advice from an article by Clusters founder via techcrunch:

Our biggest takeaway: don’t ask a user for access until you really need it, and make sure it’s crystal clear what they will get in return.

One of our biggest behind the scenes changes has been refactoring our iOS codebase moving to support a Universal Binary that will help us leverage code across iPad/iPhone and keep evolving both applications more quickly. While this has been a big release it’s really just a first step as we have a large backlog of features and improvements to come making for a busy and interesting summer.