Facebook Starter Kits for VS.NET updated

Since I’ve had a lot of interest in the VS.NET Starter Kits I created for the Facebook development I thought it worth mentioning I’ve updated both to their latest releases.

Facebook Developer ToolKit is now at v1.5 (starter kit download)

Facebook.NET is now at v0.3 (starter kit download)

Here are the relevant blog posts:

Visual Studio Starter Kit for Facebook application development

VS.NET starter kit for Nikhil Kothari’s Facebook.NET


2 thoughts on “Facebook Starter Kits for VS.NET updated

  1. Hi,
    Let me first thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge about facebook development with MS technologies.
    I have installed your starter kit v1.5. First thing, I was unable to build it as it gave me an error regarding v3.5. I am using VS Studio 2005 so I am not sure what that is about. I removed the code related to that and was able to build the app. I ran it and for some reason the session and userId are always null. Have you experienced this? What am I doing wrong?

  2. i got hello world program but it shows exception error can you help me i need to run that program

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