Facebook Starter Kit updated and available to install on Facebook

Here is an update for my Facebook Starter Kit for VS.NET 2008 which fixes the Invalid Parameter error in part by using the toolkits CanvasIFrame(…) base classes as well as adding the P3P header. These changes cleaned up the original code considerably making it much easier to read not to mention function properly.

FacebookASPNET available on Facebook

With this update I’ve added the application to Facebook as FacebookASPNET in case you want to add it to your Facebook account and play around. If you have feature suggestions or additions please let me know. At this point, the application is very simple but, of course, that was the point.

Lastly, if you monitor the RSS feed for the Facebook Developer’s Toolkit you already know about the pending 1.7 release as well as the pre-announcement of a 2.0 release which is great news and indicates the project is alive and well! Btw, I’ll be updating the Starter Kit as these updates come out but felt this change was significant enough to post now. If the 1.7 release comes out this week I’ll just update this post.

Let me know how it works. Thanks!

8 thoughts on “Facebook Starter Kit updated and available to install on Facebook

  1. FYI: I clicked on the FacebookASPNET link above. I logged intoFacebook and allowed the application to access my info. Then I received the following ASP.Net error (I cleaned up the error a message abit so I could post it here):
    Requested value ‘F$%#kTaxes,F$%&kObama!’ was not found.
    Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.
    Exception Details: System.ArgumentException: Requested value ‘FuckTaxes,FuckObama!’ was not found.
    Source Error:
    Line 18: if (!IsPostBack)
    Line 19: {
    Line 20: FriendList1.Friends = facebookAPI.GetFriends();
    Line 21: Collection<User> userinfo = facebookAPI.GetUserInfo(facebookAPI.UserId);
    Line 22: Label1.Text = "Hi, " + userinfo[0].FirstName;
    Source File: e:\web\stevetrefet\htdocs\FacebookASPNET\Default.aspx.cs Line: 20
    Thought you might want to know.

  2. Interesting. I’m getting: "Requested value ‘DemocraticParty’ was not found." and a friend of mine sees: "Requested value ‘notifIcanhelpit’ was not found."
    I’ve checked the sources on my server and nothing has been hacked or changed. These values are coming from the Facebook GetUserInfo call and makes me wonder if there someone has an agenda.
    The Facebook API version supported in the framework used is now out of date.
    This could make for quite a headline.

  3. I’ve now had a chance to debug this problem. And it’s not a Facebook thing. The issue is that v1.7 of the toolkit tried to parse the return value from the political view field into an enum. What this means is that whatever value you see being returned in the exception is what one of your friends entered for their "political view".
    So Mike, apparently one of your friends isn’t a big fan of Obama. 🙂

  4. Hi Steve,
    Does the starter kit have issues with FDT V3 or can it replace the v2.1 in your starter kit?

  5. Hi I am planning to develop an application on face book could you let me know how do i start. i have downloaded the starter kit. what is the next step i should take.
    I have a good application in my mind i hope which will bring a big change to Facebook. since i do windows based development this web thing is going to be bit hard. If so will u be able to help me out.
    Desmond Harris

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