Error creating bean with name 'profanityService'

I tried logging into my Bank of America account this morning and got the following error message:

"Error 500: Server caught unhandled exception from servlet [sas]: Error creating
bean with name 'profanityService' defined in ServletContext resource
[/WEB-INF/applicationContext.xml]: Initialization of bean failed; nested
exception is ECSL returned error"

Hmm, the “profanityService” that sounds interesting. My brother works for BofA and perhaps I’ll ping him on this one.

2 thoughts on “Error creating bean with name 'profanityService'

  1. "/WEB-INF/" sounds Apache/JBoss to me ? Isn’t it ???.. They should upgrade to ISS and make the web inf ASP.Net with Delphi 😉 Only joking…
    Congrats for the new blog.. looks nice… I like the colors you choosed…

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