Enabling Facebook Insights aka Social Analytics for your Domain

As a follow-up to my previous post Facebook allows you to tie your domain to an application, page or Facebook account allowing you to track usage through Insights which is Facebook’s version of Google Analytics on their platform.

Facebook Insights

The green button at the top right reads “Insights for your Domain” where you can specify where you want to track statistics. By tying your domain to one of the three choices you can gain insight into your visitors. When I went to setup my domain tied to an application I ran into a message indicating that I needed to have “Connect Base Domains” enabled. I recalled a Facebook application setting that mentioned connect so I used the Developer’s application to edit the Facebook application that I was trying to tie Insights too.

To set this correctly, you need to:

  1. Browse to /developers on Facebook
  2. Click on your application (or create a new app)
  3. Select Edit Settings
  4. Click the Web Site tab
  5. Set the Site URL and Site Domain fields accordingly for your domain
  6. Return to the /insights page and setup Insights for your domain