Easily edit ASP.NET template controls using the Delphi Tag Editor

One feature I’ve mentioned but haven’t directly discussed is Delphi‘s HTML/ASP.NET Tag Editor window. This is a small code editor at the bottom of the HTML/ASP.NET designer that displays the markup of the selected tag. In Delphi 2006 the Tag Editor includes the following features:

  • Live markup tag editing including ASP.NET controls
  • Code completion
  • Markup error insight
  • Tag zooming or the ability to “zoom” out to the selected tag’s parent up to the tag
  • Designer tag highlighting (see the yellow region on the designer below) so it’s easier to see what markup is reflected in the tag editor

Here is a screenshot of the ASP.NET designer including the Tag Editor (click to zoom):

This screenshot highlights many features of the Tag Editor including error insight, code completion and designer tag highlighting. Additionally, if you’ve worked with ASP.NET at all you can appreciate the fact that the Tag Editor makes it easy to edit things like asp:datalist templates without having to switch back and forth between the designer and the code editor.

The Tag Editor isn’t limited to editing existing markup as you can easily enter any new markup and immediately see the results in the designer.