Dr. Susan Silver announces retirement from Scotts Valley Unified School District

Having been asked numerous times why I thought Susan Silver decided to resign I did what I’ve done numerous times over this past year, I reached out to her directly and like in so many other situations she offered a reasoned and timely response. Here is a copy of the email she sent prior to her announcement at the Board meeting which she’s indicated can be shared here:

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

As swiftly as the grapevine works, you may already have heard this; however, I am writing to let you know that at Tuesday’s board meeting, I announced that I will be retiring at the end of this school year.

Some of you may know that I retired several years ago, and was enticed back into the K-12 system to respond to some interesting challenges. When I came to Scotts Valley Unified, my intent was to stay for three years; I am now well into the sixth year. The board that hired me (Marshall Wolff, Joe Espinola, Chuck Walker, Allison Niday and Sue Roth) set ambitious goals for all of us as a team, designed to form our district into a truly unified K-12 school district where adults worked efficiently and effectively together on behalf of students. There are many of those things that we accomplished—we are a financially solvent district, our test scores have gone up at all sites, intervention strategies are used throughout the system, our percent of students below proficient has moved from over 30% to 25%, the construction defects at the high school are almost entirely resolved, alternative options are now available for our high school students, our certificated staff have time each week within the school day to collaborate on teaching and learning, our technology infrastructure works for both instruction and productivity, the employee turnover at the high school has slowed dramatically…..and these are only a few of the changes that occurred. I feel very good about where we are as a district and am very grateful to all of you who have supported my efforts over the years.

The board will be determining the process for hiring the next superintendent, and will be letting you know as the details become available. In the meantime, we still have work to do together over the next four months.

Best wishes,