Do you have issues running Delphi or VCL applications on Windows Vista?

As we continue work on our next release I thought it would be worthwhile to mention that if you’re encountering issues related to running either the Delphi IDE or your VCL applications on Windows Vista that now is definitely the time to let us know. Please post any issues to QualityCentral. You’re more than welcome to leave comments here but if you want the issue fixed you definitely need to submit it to QC.

[Update: Feb 12, 2008] I’m no longer employed by CodeGear so I’d refer you to this post for how to get your Delphi questions resolved.

17 thoughts on “Do you have issues running Delphi or VCL applications on Windows Vista?

  1. Hi Steve,
    Did you already fix the issue mentioned in one of the papers about porting applications to Windows Vista where it’s highlighted that the
    form preview built-in vista doesn’t work with Delphi applications?

  2. Hi Andrea,
    I don’t know the status of that particular issue. Seppy is the lead on VCL these days and I know he’s aware of it because it was one of the first issues mentioned. There is work being done to identify and address all Vista related problems.

  3. Hi Steve,
    I thought I’d clear up that by "you" I didn’t mean as in "you Steve", rather as in "you CodeGear".

  4. In my delphi application I am using a tab control inside a toolbar. In windows Vista, when I have changed the color scheme of the windows, then my applications toolbar comes infront of my tab control and hides my tabcontrol.
    Pls help me to solve this problem

  5. im trying to finish an old school project for an inventory program using delphi and database desktop and BDE admin. unfortunately theres one problem existing and that is that the database is not being able to be active with my table in delphi. now when i first designed it everything worked fine but now that i try to get it going in delphi with vista im getting the error Network initilization failed ,
    permission denied ,
    file: C:\ ,
    Directory: C:\
    and below those messages are these
    then BDE ERROR 11265 [$2C] [$ 1]
    Network initialization failed.
    11013 [$2B] [$ 5]
    can anyone help me? im using delphi 6 now but when i first developed it i was using delphi 5 but there seems to be no compatibility issues leading to this error it seems to me like a problem with BDE talking to the table and delphi component , if anyone could help me that would be awsome 🙂

  6. Hellp everybody ,
    I am trying to write a registry entry with "REGSETVALUEEX()" function, which I have already used in my code. But it is giving error in WINDOWS VISTA. Please help me. This code gives proper result while running on WIN XP.
    Vishal Moharikar

  7. I am trying to use fileexists() function on a mapped network drive on Windows Vista, but it is not returning true even if file exists on that network path. If I run build EXE then it returns true. Please direct me what to do?..

  8. Vishal,
    Since this isn’t a support forum I doubt you’re going to get much response here. I’d suggest using this advice and providing much more detailed information regarding the problems you’re having. You’re likely running into UAC issues in which case I’d search for information related to that topic.
    Good luck!

  9. I am using TFlexcel component and a TStorage component (among others) in two applications in Delphi. Every time I load the IDE I am forced to re-compile these two components (and always only these two). After I re-compile everything is fine for that session. I have been using Delphi since Delphi 2 and have never seen anything like this. I have checked directory permissions for all appropriate directories and have ‘full access’ to all. UAC is turned off. I would love to know how to fix this problem.

  10. Hi Steve,
    I’ve had a few issues running Delphi on Visa:
    1. I sometimes get random errors when I cut & paste – the force me to close & re-start delphi IDE
    2. Sometimes on a copy & paste I get random characters inserted i.e. not alphanumeric chars
    3. Sometimes on a copy & paste I will have text inserted that I copied hours before & isn’t the latest text copied.
    I would send you through an error message, but it happens ad-hoc & irregularly. If & when It occurs again, I will post the error.

  11. Daniel,
    Please note at the bottom of this post I point out that I no longer work for CodeGear. I suggest contacting CG directly with any issues you might have.

  12. Hide Start Button in Windows 7 has no effect with the known codes used for WindowsXP. Could anyone help me?

  13. Hi steve,
    i’m a beginner who use delphi 6 on windows 7 OS. why cant i open delphi help ? please help me to solve this problem. thank you very much

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