Did you know… series from Sara Ford

Sara Ford, an SDET at Microsoft who I’ve been subscribed to for a long time, has lately been writing a bunch of posts all starting “Did you know…” like this one. Each posts touches on a single VS.NET feature that is likely overlooked by many. Over the years I blogged about similar features in Delphi and although I’m not currently using Delphi I’m sure a series of posts like would be well received.

So, Nick there you go, a near endless stream of potential blog posts. Have at it man!

Btw, I’ve been following my own advice and trying to learn things I didn’t know about VS.NET particularly related to code editor features. Many years ago I added the Visual Studio key binding to Delphi which made transitioning to VS.NET more or less pain free at least regarding the most common IDE/debugger shortcuts. 

Sara, if you happen to read this thanks for your posts on Katrina and I hope in the near future you find both physical and mental healing. Keep those posts coming!

2 thoughts on “Did you know… series from Sara Ford

  1. Hi Rossen,
    I wasn’t aware of DPack though at the time one of the main reason I added the VS keybinding and provided a list of other things you can do to make a Visual Basic developer more comfortable in Delphi.
    As for adding the type to the code completion window in VS.NET I’m not aware of anything that wil show you the type. Let me know if you find something.

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