Delphi Quality: Where are we now?

Back in July I mentioned some of the things we were doing related to improving
the quality
of Delphi.
Well, now the real evidence is starting to trickle out. John Kaster recently
mentioned on delphi.non-tech that resolutions for bugs fixed in Dexter were
begining to show up in QualityCentral so you can see for
yourself some of the actual bugs being fixed. Allen Bauer has blogged
about the inclusion of FastMM in Dexter and Danny has been discussing the new roadmap.
I’m glad to report that the bug fixing continues at a very brisk pace and that
with each passing week literally hundreds of bugs are being resolved. We still
have work to do and more bugs to fix but like I felt back in July I’m confident
that we’re headed in the right direction and that the end result will be a good

Keep your eyes on QualityCentral as more updates are coming!