Delphi IDE Wisdom

It’s Wednesday so here’s my list for the Delphi IDE:

  • Learn the difference between design-time and run-time packages
  • Use incremental search
  • Learn to create/install/deploy your own components
  • Learn to build your project from the command line
  • Use View as Text
  • Learn to import a type library, from the command line
  • Use the History tab
  • Learn to partition your application to use packages
  • Use a debug desktop
  • Use “Automatically close on successful compile”
  • Learn to use the call stack
  • Learn to use the thread view
  • Learn to step in the CPU view
  • Use conditional breakpoints
  • Use the ExtraUnits registry key
  • Watch my video
  • Watch Nick’s videos
  • Use component palette filtering
  • Learn all the shortcuts for your keybinding
  • Use selective symbol table loading to debug large packaged applications
  • Don’t ignore hints and warnings
  • Use Syntax Check

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What’s your IDE list look like?

7 thoughts on “Delphi IDE Wisdom

  1. Hi,
    some of them are not really that usefull (IMHO):
    * Use the History tab
    I always found that display confusing and prefer to use the BeyondCompare plugin or even SubVersion.
    * Use Syntax Check
    What’s the point? Compiling is about as fast as Syntax Check, so why not just compile?

  2. Here’s my pick:
    * Learn to use Sync Edit in the text editor.
    What is ExtraUnits? is it related to the units Code Insight looks at? if so, how do we use that key?

  3. > What’s the point? Compiling is about as fast as Syntax Check…
    For large project I find Syntax Check a real time saver. I even use GExperts to assign a shortcut to it and use syntax check for lots of different use, like when I want to rename stuff manually or change functions parameters.

  4. I’ll like to add:
    * Learn how to add your own tools in the tools menu
    * Learn to use and tune up the Structure view in the Explorer options
    * Use the Refactor menu: Replace is not always the better choice 😉
    * Learn how to manipulate and add your own items in the Object Repository
    * Customize your toolbars
    Thank YOU Steve.

  5. Eric,
    It’s a string registry key under Code Completion called ExtraUnits that’s a semi-colon separated unit list that allows you to add additional units to code completion even though they don’t appear in your uses clause. Selecting a function from one of those units adds that unit to your implementation’s uses clause. I believe the key is missing in Delphi 2007 though I’m not entirely sure.

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