Delphi IDE and RTL/VCL performance improvements

Lately, there’s been a lot of effort put into improving the Delphi IDE’s UX and I wanted to comment briefly that in the past week alone we’ve made some great progress. For example, there have been recent improvements in:

  • IDE flicker (now nearly flicker free)
  • Desktop switching performance
  • GDI resource management
  • Moving controls on the form designer via the keyboard
  • Form designer grid repaint issues
  • Compiler time stamp access (thanks to Andreas Hausladen)
  • VCL control painting (thanks to Pierre le Riche)
  • VCL control data handling performance
  • FastCode routines added to the RTL (btw, a huge thanks to the whole FastCode crew who contribute to this great project benefiting us all)

One of the best things about a number of these fixes is that they’re in the RTL/VCL so your applications will benefit as well. Btw, several of them came from QC so it definitely pays off to get your bugs logged. Anyway, we’re cranking away and there’s more to come but I’m pleased with the progress and thought it was worth mentioning.

10 thoughts on “Delphi IDE and RTL/VCL performance improvements

  1. Great !
    Believe me… for me these are VERY good news.. 😉
    I wish that the new IDE will acomplish the spectations that are starting to grow in me. 😉
    Just only to know… do you remember the list of "The Top Ten Niggling, Irritating, and Downright Bad IDE Bugs List"
    that where proposed and later published at the Nick Hodges Blog (
    are they being fixed ? (Please don’t missunderstand me, it is a polite question, English is not my native language and maybe I can’t find the correct words to ask this question)
    Anywat my compliments for your effords with the improvements stated in this post.

  2. I started Delphi 6 last week to debug some old code, and It’s SO fast … it made me see how slow Delphi2006’s IDE is (in everything , from startup to shutdown).

  3. I am confused, are these performance enhancements part of the recent hotfixes released in the last few days?

  4. Jeff,
    Sorry for any confusion but no, the changes mentioned above are for the next release of Delphi that’s not to say they’ll never appear in a hotfix for BDS 2006 but not at present (I don’t make those decisions).
    Regarding the RTL routines I don’t want to list what’s been replaced since the product is under development and the list could change which would not put me in a very good position.

  5. Steve, thanks for the clarification. I understand the need to not release information about upcoming features in the next version. I do hope to see these fixes applied to D2006.

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