6 thoughts on “Delphi for PHP has been RTM'ed

  1. Hi,
    "available for ESD download around the world"
    In germany you only have snail mail delivery… And you have to pay much more than in the US (€ 185 in US-Onlinestore / Download, € 265 in Germany w. delivery) for the same product. No translation or anything else.
    Good to have friends in the US 😉
    But it is an interesting product. It’s fun to play around with it. Looking forward doing the first "real" project with it…

  2. I’ve bought the stuff. But hopefully there will be a update soon. Lots of bugs, bad documentation. I’ve seen better Borland products!

  3. Hi Marc,
    Be sure to log the bugs in QC. Given this is the 1.0 release I’m sure there are things to be worked out. I haven’t had a chance to use the product myself yet so I’m not sure what sort of issues exist.

  4. There is a new forums website dedicated to Delphi for PHP: forums.delphi-php.net. Check it out. Its full of useful hints and tips on using Delphi for PHP.

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