Delphi 2009 Arrives!

Congratulations CodeGear!

Want to offer my congratulations to the Team at CodeGear/Embarcadero for shipping Delphi 2009 & C++Builder 2009. For sure, it looks like some of the most interesting updates are in the Win32 compiler as I follow Barry Kelly’s blog where he’s been talking about Anonymous Methods and Generics. Of course, Nick Hodges has a rundown of all sorts of additional features. I know lately the gang there has been putting in lots of hours as it’s been hard to catch up with people like Mark Edington. Who, btw, mentioned to me that he has an excellent blog post he said he would write about using AutomatedQA’s AQTime of which he’s a big fan. (Maybe this will put a little pressure on him to get that post written!)

Again, congratulations guys!

[Update: Sept 9th, 2008] Fix the spelling of Barry’s name doh!