Delphi 2007 goes Gold!

We’ve officially signed off Delphi 2007 and it will be available for download shortly (in fact, it’s available for download now in Germany). This is a major milestone for CodeGear and as has been mentioned we’ve put tons of effort into making this a great release. There are lots of features and improvements to blog about so I’ll continue posting about cool features. If there is anything inparticular you would like to hear about please leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to post some coverage.

A big thanks to our Field Test community and the BetaBloggers for helping us kick off CodeGear’s first major Delphi release. Thanks to all of you who answered Nick’s call for beta testers.

15 thoughts on “Delphi 2007 goes Gold!

  1. Great news indeed!
    Is good to see delphi is going back to the state where it would have
    leaved: the fastest, delightful and powerful IDE/compiler of the market.
    Now I’m curious to see what will come of .NET part – specially in VCL.NET
    and ADO.NET integration… (To me, TADONETConnector is wrong approach,
    a TADONETDatasetProvider would be HUGELY more useful)…
    I work on a big VCL.NET client that consume an ASP.NET webservice…
    But I’m hopeful that CodeGear came to make things right now, undoing
    the mess made in the past.

  2. A HUGE thanks to Steve Trefethen for helping out the QA team revamp their test automation tools!
    I blogged a little bit about it here:
    The short version is, he not only made bug fixes to Delphi 2007, but spent considerable effort working closely with the QA team to fix up our test automation tools, and reduce the required maintenance/overhead of the QA team.
    Thanks again Steve!

  3. The only problem I see is that I can’t get there. Correction. I just discovered I can get there with IE7, but not with FF2.0.0.2. Now what sense does that make? I’m on Vista ultimate 64 bit.

  4. Steve,
    Delphi 2007 is really great!
    The best and first stable and fast Delphi IDE after Delphi7, congrat to Scotts Valley.
    Good Work!!!
    🙂 thomas

  5. Hi,
    We have a display problem in our application. Application is in Delphi language. It work fine in our machines but for some machine particular in using Windows XP, there is Display issues. Fonts are overlapping and grid are shrinked.
    Can you suggest something on this?
    Thanks in advance
    Project Coordinator

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