Delphi 2007 desktop switching performance improvements

The Delphi/BDS IDE supports saving of desktops, or window layouts, via a dropdown list available from the main toolbar. These desktops allow you to control which windows are visible and arrange their size, position and docked location. For example, here is my design-time layout:

Delphi IDE design layout

As you can see I use the “undocked IDE” meaning my code editor is free floating, not docked into the top main toolbar window. I actually like the docked IDE but I prefer to do everyday work using the undocked layout to make sure it’s always getting tested.

Now About the Perf…

The other day Mark Edington our performance cop recruited me to help with tuning the performance of switching desktop which I mentioned was keeping me busy on Tuesday. This morning I checked my email and Mark had done some timing of my new code and found “The general average seems to be that things are approximately 30% faster”. Cool! Couple this with the flicker work I’ve been doing and I think the Delphi 2007 experience is going to be much nicer.

5 thoughts on “Delphi 2007 desktop switching performance improvements

  1. Good steve, I hope this improve in bds2007 too, about performance I would like to remake it, using c# builder 2006, my project has many file, 3000 aprox all not are include into the project, many are images, .css ect,the trouble is if I open a single file modified it and save, I get a long delay until the file is saved, I means the IDE delay much saving a single file, I don’t know why. is it a bug is reported?
    kind regards

  2. Hi Eric,
    Actually, I use the embedded designer and a floating code editor. I kind of wish the IDE didn’t have all these options because they introduce quite a number of bugs that we wouldn’t have otherwise.

  3. Does D2007 IDE have any improvements related to multiple monitor support?
    I have 2 monitors with different resolutions (CRT – 1152×864) and the second one is also rotated in portrait mode (LCD – 1024×1280). I found that D2006 had some problems when trying to move the main edit window from one monitor to the next, and then it wouldn’t fill the screen when maximized on the second monitor (using undocked desktop) – I think it maximized to the height of the first monitor’s resolution but on the second monitor, so the height and width where out of sync. on the second monitor kinda defeating the purpose of my nice LCD monitor in portrait mode 🙁
    Would be nice if works better in D2007.
    Also small feature request (if possible for D2007): Can the main edit window maximize (in docked mode) when double clicking the current file’s Tab (like Eclipse, and hence JBuilder 2007 I assume) – the other designer windows could then all either hide totally or collapse. I find this small but useful feature quite nice in Eclipse, when all the docked designer/structure/etc. windows can make the editing area quite small to see all the code (and D2006 too), and then just a simple double-click on the current file’s tab collapses all those windows and maximizes my editing window, so I can edit away with full clarity, and another double-click restores everything to normal again. Anyway just hoping… 🙂
    btw only current way to do it (to get a maximized editing window) is to manually collapse all the other design windows, and to save a new desktop layout, but a double-click on the Tab is the most intuitive I think and doesn’t need yet another desktop layout (and all the flickering, re-drawing associated with switching desktop layouts).
    Steve C

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