Debugging ASP.NET Applications on IIS and Diamondback

Since I work on Diamondback (the
next release of Delphi) and
ASP.NET specifically I thought I’d begin to mention some of the ASP.NET
improvements that have been made now that we’ve “given out the bits” at Borcon. 
One area that can be problematic in D8 is debugging ASP.NET applications on
IIS.  While it’s possible to use Cassini as an
alternative development server, using IIS frequently encountered problems.  In
D8, we made our best attempt given the time we had and the fact that MS uses an
undocumented debugging mechanism for ASP.NET applications in VS.NET. 
Regardless, now that we’ve had the time to research the issues more our debugger
gurus have come up with a mechanism that works much better and enables much more
consistent debugging of ASP.NET applications running under IIS from Diamondback.