dasBlog provider for use with BlogEngine.NET

I’ve used dasBlog since I first began hosting my own blog and previously considered a move to BlogEngine.NET (BE) but the URL’s aren’t compatible so there remains some investigation to figure out the best mechanism prior to switching. Unfortunately, dasblog seems to be on it’s final legs so spending time there at this point doesn’t seem wise.

To that end, I’ve been investigating various issues involved in a switch and in an attempt to make a transition easier I’ve created a BE provider which reads/writes blog posts and comments using dasBlog’s IBlogDataService rather than BE’s own XML provider. Basically, I’ve replace one XML provider with another, actually that’s not entirely true as this new provide is a descendant of XmlBlogProvider included with BE. Using this approach I avoid having to constantly re-import my blog data as I look into solving the URL issues.

I’ve made the code available via SVN on Google Code here so feel free to grab it and give it a go. I chose Google Code over Codeplex because the latter doesn’t want abandoned projects and I don’t see this as an ongoing project as it’s scope is quite narrow. What I’m interested in is any feedback regarding issues using the code and taking this sort of approach. In my initial playing around with BE it seems to function properly and allows me to use the “slug” feature of BE to “fix” at least part of the URL problem by simply removing spaces from Titles rather than replacing then with dashes.

Things I’ve tested (manually)

  • Adding/Editing/Deleting posts
  • Adding/Editing/Deleting comments

I haven’t played with images or attachments though my blog data seems to render fairly well. I can see some limitations such as no support for threaded comments though I don’t view this as a long term solution but I think it’s a step in the right direction.

Things that need testing/implementation:

  • DateTime conversions from dasBlog to BE
  • Image uploads
  • Windows Live support

Btw, I’m looking for help with the problem of retaining my existing URLs so if you’re a dasblog user and potentially interested in switching ping me and perhaps we can collaborate.