CruiseControl.NET features beyond v1.3

The last official release of CruiseControl.NET was v1.3 from June 2007 but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been ongoing work. I’ve been updating my CCNET sources recently and looking at some of the new features which include:

  • devenv task updated to VS.NET 2008
  • ExternalSourceControl source control provider
    <sourcecontrol type="external"> <executable>(path to command-line application)</executable> <args>(command-line parameters for application</args> <autoGetSource>(true/false like other sourcecontrol providers)</autoGetSource> <labelOnSuccess>(true/false like other sourcecontrol providers)</labelOnSuccess> <environment> <var>name=value</var> (environment variables to pass to the provider) <var>name=value</var> </environment> </sourcecontrol>
  • FilteredSourceControl block for specific comments / labels
  • Expand notification of modifying users to support more than one status (e.g., “Failed” + “Fixed” so you get both the bad news and the good news).
  • PlasticSCM source control support
  • Improved standard statistics report page
  • RSS feed for build status
  • RegEx support in the email publisher to allow for utilizing source control usernames as email addresses among other things
  • Lots of bug fixes in CCNET as well as CCTray

These are just some of the items I thought worth noting while perusing the SVN change log. There are lots of other changes, fixes etc. If you’re looking for CCNET improvements you might want to try and grab the source. I found building the tree to be quick and painless.