Cool new blog logo courtesy of John Forsythe

Thanks to John Forsythe, I have a cool new seasonal blog logo. Over break I made a feable attempt to create one myself but failed miserably. While reading though my regular blogs I noticed John’s logo had the look I wanted so I pinged him about it and he replied by sending me a copy of my logo with the changes already made! This isn’t the first time John’s lended a hand, awhile back he wrote a dasBlog macro that I was looking for after I mentioned it in a comment to one of his posts. He has a number of useful dasBlog macros as well as themes, check them out.

Anyway, many thanks to John for all his help!

Now, if only I can craft logo’s for the other seasons of the year… 🙂

1 thought on “Cool new blog logo courtesy of John Forsythe

  1. Steve, I was happy to make it! 😀
    And thanks for the macro mentions. I am always looking to add more too, so if you have any requests just let me know.

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