Considering a switch from dasBlog to BlogEngine.NET


I use dasBlog for my blog engine and recently there have been discussions on the dasBlog dev mailing list about its future. The current discussion centers around starting a new code base and leveraging Microsoft’s new technology. As a result I decided to take a look around at other .NET blogging engines starting with BlogEngine.NET. As advertised it’s very easy to setup and configure which is a good sign. The next step was to import my existing blog data including posts, comments etc. and I found Merill Fernando’s post on this subject helpful, thanks Merill!


Merill’s post lead me to Paul Van Brenk’s dasblog BlogML importer which worked great after a minor tweak for comments without author names that caused the export to fail. Thanks to Paul for providing source thus allowing me to save time and tweak his code and get the import working. The problem was a null reference exception importing blog comments which was easily fixed with a simple check.

Once all my data was imported it allowed me to realistically play around with BlogEngine.NET and experiment a bit. While in some cases it has some advantages over dasBlog there are a few issues that would prevent me from easily switching. The first would be ensuring my existing URL’s continue to work which could prove to be a bit of a challenge. I also have a few issues with things like meta tags though that’s would be easy to fix.

Even though BlogEngine.NET does offer some flexibility not available in dasBlog I’m beginning to think that perhaps holding out to see what happens with Microsoft’s MVC framework and in the dasBlog community itself may be the best option.

I’d be interested to hear from BlogEngine.NET users their opinion and what they like/dislike about it.

Lastly, is there another Open Source ASP.NET blog engine I should consider?

5 thoughts on “Considering a switch from dasBlog to BlogEngine.NET

  1. I haven’t been staying on top of the .NET blog movement lately. I still see tons of .NET guys running WordPress because it’s such a good solution Blog solution. But I am currently running DotNetNuke and a module by
    I would definitely love to see an MVC blog get started.

  2. Well, WordPress is a big security issue – hundreds of unsolved issues in the bugtracker. It´s a bit naive to consider WP as an alternative…

  3. Although WordPress has some security issues you can (of course) find someone, who´s a specialist in WordPress hosting – so security with WordPress can be achieved easily.

  4. As far as dasBlog is concerned, I will not even consider it. Mainly because of the structure of its urls. For example,
    That is just a plain usability nightmare, do search engines even follow those links??
    I have written an in depth comparison of BlogEngine.Net Vs WordPress for those interested in a side by side comparison of the two.

  5. Alexander,
    Are you really that worried about search engines indexing perma links to comments? IMO, comment perma links don’t need to be followed by search engines because your post has it’s own unique link which is the title of your post and the comment link simply ponts to a place on that page. If comment perma links are your best argument against dasblog then I say look no further as you’ve found your solution.

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