Configuring email notifications for CruiseControl.NET

I gotten a few emails asking how I to setup email notifications for builds running under CruiseControl.NET. Here is a section from one of the ccnet.config files I’m using on a CruiseControl.NET server:

1 <publishers> 2 <statistics /> 3 <xmllogger /> 4 5 <email from="" mailhost="" 6 mailhostPassword="pwd" mailhostUsername="username" 7 includeDetails="true"> 8 <users> 9 <user name="Steve Trefethen" address="" 10 group="NotifyGroup" /> 11 </users> 12 <groups> 13 <group name="NotifyGroup" notification="failed" /> 14 </groups> 15 </email> 16 </publishers>

Nothing unusual except of course for changing some of the more obvious details. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Configuring email notifications for CruiseControl.NET

  1. FYI, there are some changes beyond the release level of 1.3 (build # that make email publishers easier to configure if you have more than a handful of users to set up.

  2. Hi Ross,
    Yes, I’ve noticed the latest changes and in fact, I have a blog post in the works talking about some of the post 1.3 features. Btw, thanks for you help on the sourcecontrol exception issue.

  3. Is there a way to set up cruise control to have emails go out to those uerss who have committed a files for a build that fails? I’ve read how you can set up users and not assign them to a group, which intern emails them whether the build fails or passes. I want the same kind of functionality, but only when the build fails. I dont want to have them get emailed if the build passes.

  4. Craig,
    Yes, there is a way to target email at source control userids. For more details refer to this page of the CCNET docs. Specifically, look at how Converters work where you can convert a sourcecontrol userid to an email address. I’m fairly certain that the support for this feature was introduced after the 1.3 release so you’ll likely want to grab a later build or grab the tip and rebuild CCNET.

  5. Thats awesome. Thanks for responding so quickly, and for some great blogs that are easily understood.

  6. How do I configure the email body. I would like to look similar to the Build Report in Dash board. In Dashboard I see Build status, Modifications and MSTest Summary.

  7. Hi,
    I am not able to send the email through CCnet.Can you please help me out.
    I have created one email list file EMailList.xml,below is the content of this file
    <cb:config-template xmlns:cb="urn:ccnet.config.builder">
    <cb:define name="EmailPublisher">
    <email subjectPrefix="CP" from="" mailhost="mail host" includeDetails="True">
    <user name="Singh,Saurabh" address="" group="buildteam" />
    <group name="buildteam" notifications="Change"/>
    The email file has been mention in the ccnet.config as below
    <cruisecontrol xmlns:cb="urn:ccnet.config.builder">
    <cb:include href="EMailList.xml" xmlns:cb="urn:ccnet.config.builder"/>
    <project name=""—–
    Details of the project
    This is how i had configure and i dont know why its working, I am not receiving any issue but no mail is generating.
    Can you please help me out in this.
    Please let me know if i m not clear

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