Community contributions improve Delphi 2007 RTL performance

One of the areas I’ve worked on in the Delphi 2007 release is the inclusion of Delphi Community RTL contributions. Now, including community contributions is not new to Delphi. In fact, there is a project called FastCode which is dedicated to providing highly optimized, high quality replacements for existing RTL routines. With Delphi 2007 we’ve replaced the following RTL routines with code from our user community including the FastCode project under an MPL 1.1 license which is consistent with previous community contributions:

Contributor(s) Routine
FastCode and Pierre le Riche SysUtils.CompareStr
FastCode and Pierre le Riche SysUtils.StrLen
FastCode and John O’Harrow SysUtils.LowerCase
FastCode and John O’Harrow SysUtils.UpperCase
Pierre le Riche System._LStrCmp

Since this release is interface compatible with BDS 2006 we had somewhat less flexibility to take RTL replacements but the door will swing back open with our next release and I’ll continue integration of these great contributions.

2 thoughts on “Community contributions improve Delphi 2007 RTL performance

  1. Here is my post in non-technical about the FastCode and CodeGear relationship:
    As you can all see they need some dontations. The instructions are in that post on how to donate. If you are like me and appreciate the FastCode optimizations that benefit both the IDE and our applications, then please donate as I did.
    Steve, Nick mentioned he would have you post the list of functions included in D2007, so thanks for sharing. I hope we can see more functions in BDS 2007.

  2. Steve, I noticed that in QC that both CompareStr and StrLen are still marked open. Do you only close QC’s when the product is released or should these have been closed since they a officially planned for inclusion in D2007 Win32?

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