Communication inside CodeGear

For the first time in years, I’m seeing the kind of communication I believe any healthy organization requires. Ben Smith, CodeGear’s CEO mentioned back in our first meeting that he was committed to open communication and I’m seeing follow through on that statement.

One example was the marketing meeting I blogged about a few days ago. Another is when I see Ben walk by my window in one-on-one’s with employees, yes, I’ve had my one-on-one. Yet another example is the weekly all hands meeting where we’re kept informed of the latest business related news/events/hires etc. which I greatly prefer over the impersonal email bullet list we’d received in years past. Of course, there is always a Q&A session at the end of the all hands which typically yields a good question and answer or two.

All this formal stuff is great and necessary in light of conducting business although at Monday’s JBuilder ship party we got a good dose of our Exec staff’s sense of humor which I think is probably just as important, if not more so, than all this formal stuff. I’m not going to dive into the details but they were to focus of a lot of laughter.

Lastly, it can’t hurt that I now sit next door to our new VP of Sales, three office’s away from our CEO and just upstairs from our VP of Marketing. That’s in stark contrast to when Borland’s Exec staff relocated to Cupertino a few years ago. Now, the Exec staff sits next door, literally.