Comcast Triple Play Denied

Last Thursday I called ComCast regarding an issue with our Internet access and subsequently ended up asking about their Triple Play plan combining TV, Internet and Phone service. The rep gladly quoted me $99 for 12 months which I accepted and scheduled a tech for today (Saturday) between 12-4pm. The rep mentioned he’d call me back within 20 minutes to confirm a smaller time window but that call never happened but I thought “no big deal”. Well, I decided double check this morning that, in fact, someone was coming today and found ComCast had no record of my call nor any order for new service. The new rep apologized and offered to schedule a new appointment and set me up for $115/month! Rather puzzled, I explained my previous call and basically all i got was an apology. He went on to inform me the $99 price expired last November and he wasn’t authorized to give me that “deal” to which I said, “no thanks”.

Suffice it to say, not a good experience. Perhaps it’s called Triple Play because it’s just that, over quickly.